Why Logic?

We does not believe that pass is overall satisfaction for a students. but we believe quality education and standard GPA for Students. That is the main reason why you choice us. And there are many more l reason that why you will choice logic in Feni South- east Degree College such as-

  1. You can memorize your lesson within just 5 minutes, Yes this is our Challenge.
  2. 100% guarantee to obtain minimum 3.50 in Public exam  for lower students, (who got GPA 2.00 or less)   and GPA 4.00 upper lower students (who obtained 3.00 in SSC exam) and GPA 5.00 for Medium students (who was achieved GPA- 3.5 to above in their SSC exam).
  3. we can complete our syllabus within 10 months and rest of 14 months we revise the lessons.
  4. Tutorial after complete a chapter and prizes for them who will carry 90% marks.
  5. Several co-curriculum activity like Annual Cultural programme, Summer fruits festivals, awards ceremony, Alumni associations, farewell ceremony, and many more.
  6. cost free computer training.
  7. Highly qualified and experience teacher
  8. Digital classroom
  9. Poor fund for meritorious and poor students.

কেন যুক্তিবদ্যা?

  • ৫ মিনিটে পড়া শিখার গ্যারান্টি
  • নৈতিকতা ও মূল্যবোধ সর্ম্পকিত স্পেশাল ক্লাস
  • ফ্রি কম্পিউটার প্রশিক্ষণ
  • ছাত্র- শিক্ষক মধূর সম্পর্ক
  • ডিজিটাল ক্লাসরুম
  • সেমিষ্টার ভিত্তিক পাঠদান
  • ৯০% নম্বরধারী সকলকে শিক্ষাবৃত্তি
  • বিদেশী শিক্ষক দিয়ে পাঠদান