Department of logic of feni south east degree college introduce its best categories awards such as Best contributor, Best logical student, Best ethical student and Best obedient student in the year. Primarily, this award limited and only for feni district students. Any student who are from feni can apply. A feni wide call for nominations will be conducted from October to December in every year using our website and online channels. Any individual or school operating in the feni class 9-12 grade students is eligible to submit a nomination, either on their own behalf or for another individual or school. Nominations should focus on achievements and results from the previous 12 months. All information contained in the entries that is marked confidential will be treated as such and not be released without permission of the entrant. All nominations must be submitted via the official logical Awards online portal and must be submitted on or before the final date of entry (31st December). The Awards team reserves the right to refuse any nominations submitted after this date. If successful as a finalist, you will have the opportunity to complete a detailed submission addressing the category criteria in more detail.

Prizes are:

  • Their photo, name and school on a thank you page in all our publishing in 2019
  • An invitation to participate with your parents in our Gala event
  • A class set of resources worth up to 2000
  • A certificate
  • A lucrative Crest
  • A showcase page in our catalogue
  • Their story shared throughout the year, which will give both the teacher and the school publicity
  • An expenses paid trip to Gala event to share knowledge at our conference or programs.

Nomination Area

Best Students

Best Ethical Students

Best Iconic Students

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